So I’m at Total Wine looking for an earthy French white. I ask an employee for a recommendation and after some friendly chatter about wines, he says, “We happen to have a couple of bottles open. Would you like to try?”. “Well what kind of wines exactly?” was my question. “Nuits St. Georges, Canon -Fronsac, Châteauneuf du Pâpe…”. Holy mackerel! Ummm, yea!!! I couldn’t believe my luck!!  It was just he and I, one on one, tasting these exclusive French regions while discussing the Bordeaux museum at Galeries Lafayette. Life could not have been better at this time. The young employee started in merchandising and then was trained by the company on wines. He now works in the wine department and I have to say, he knows his stuff. Unforgettable moment!

I ended up with the Château Gaby wine to take home (in addition to the earthy French white that I originally was looking for 🙂 ). This was an incredible wine for the price at $24.99. Chateau Gaby is located at the heart of Canon-Fronsac and is widely regarded as one of the prestige wines of the appellation. Canon-Fronsac is situated on Bordeaux’s right bank, also known as Libournais. Clay and limestone soils make this Merlot and Cabernet Franc territory. The wines are characterized by red fruits and black pepper, and one will taste every bit of this ¨terroir¨ in this wine. An impressive blend of 80% Merlot and 20% Cabernet Franc.

Winemaker’s tasting notes

Issued from Clay-Limestone soils.
Red and black fruits with a hint of truffle, round and complex on the palate with perceivable minerality.
Ageing potential of 15 to 20 years