Fanny Heucq, proprietor of Dilettantes, not only knows her stuff, she offers to her guests a welcoming, convivial place to gather, taste and learn about the hand selected boutique wines. Dilettantes is a one-of-a-kind boutique in Paris that specializes in Champagne only. What I especially like about Fanny’s collection is that every bottle on the shelf is from small production farmers who are committed to fine quality, as well as the use of natural and sustainable methods in their Champagne production.

I attended the Vazart-Coquart tasting session where the group was presented with several Champagnes from this maker. We tasted and talked about the characteristics of each one and I was even able to learn French wine lingo: Robe (color), nez (nose), bouche (taste), corsé (full bodied), and cépages (grapes). I also learned that just like with still wines, some Chamapagne styles are great alone, as an aperitif or before-dinner drink for example. But there are other Champagnes that are meant to be had with food, particularly the drier and fuller bodied styles. It was also fascinating to see how different each Champagne tasted, even though they are produced by the same maker, in the same region, Côtes des Blancs, and using the same grapes, 100% Chardonnay. But because they’re prepared differently, then the final product tastes very unique.

Dilettantes is definitely my go-to boutique for learning about and buying Champagne when in Paris!


Dilettantes-la Maison du Champagne

22 rue de Savoie

75006 Paris