I’m not sure why, but for some reason whenever I would hear the word Vermouth, all this time I was thinking that this was a spirit. It wasn’t until the annual Decatur Wine Festival  where I learned that Vermouth was in fact a wine.  It has been around for centuries and traditionally was used for medicinal purposes.  Later, particularly in the cafés of northern (Turin) Italy, it was served as a before dinner apéritif . By the late 19th century, Vermouth became familiar to bartenders all over as an ingredient for iconic cocktails such as the Manhattan, the Martini and the Negroni cocktails.
Vermouth begins as a regular base wine that is made from both red and white grapes, and made in either a sweet or a dry style. Most Vermouth comes from Italy and France, although other countries may produce it as well. It is then aromatized by infusing herbs, spices, and wormwood, and fortified with a spirit such as brandy. Today, although still widely popular as a cocktail ingredient, more and more people are enjoying Vermouth as a stand-alone drink. Try it on the rocks or with a splash of club soda and orange peel!


Of course the Decatur Wine Festival is not just for Vermouth tasting, but for wine tasting in general. About 500 wines to be exact from all over the globe available to try! There is also music, festivities, food…an event not to be missed.




Olive oil tasting at the Decatur Wine Festival


On the square in downtown Decatur, rain or shine
Takes place during the fall- usually the first weekend in November from 12:30-4:30pm