This was a wine tasting that I learned about through happenstance. I was at Savvy Cellars shopping for my ¨weekend¨ wine when I overheard a conversation between a customer and an employee about an upcoming rosé tasting the following day. At the checkout I inquired about the details of the tasting and later put it on my calendar. It was my first tasting at Savvy’s. The wine merchant has an inviting reception and tasting room next door called Le Goût. It’s funny because I’ve walked by Le Goût many times as I often go to the LA Fitness in the same shopping center for Zumba classes. But I never knew what it was. Apparently they host tasting and other events regularly. You can find out about these events and also their wine dinners by subscribing to their email list on the Savvy Cellars website.

Wines we tasted:

Chateau D’esclans Whispering Angel
Pink Pegau
Gerard Bertrand Cotes de Roses
Lafage Miraflores
Jean-Luc Colombo
Fabre Montmayou
Sokol Blosser
Fleur de Mer
Fabre en Provence
Les Hauts Plateaux
Frescabaldi Alie
Fritz Mueller N.V.
One of my favorites (among several) of this list was the Houchart Rosé wine. After I got home, I went online to look up the estate. Lo and behold, the producers of this rosé are the same family, Famille Quiot, who also make the Châteauneuf du Pâpe Blanc that I posted not too long ago. The Quiot family apparently has estates in the Provence region (as well as in the Rhône Valley), which one of them called Domain Houchart makes rosé wines. What a total and pleasant coincidence!