What’s the deal with the dog?


Some of you may be wondering, “S0 what’s with the dog…being on a wine blog site and all?” Well, here’s the deal.  Little Zoë, first of all, is no ordinary dog. In fact, people who meet her often joke that it’s just a matter of time before she starts talking! The thing is, Zoë is one of those doggies who likes being in the center of everything. She is a true socialite and loves meeting and greeting people at all events, including wine tastings!


It started back in the fall of 2010 when I first got Zoë at 8 weeks old. I used to take her everywhere I’d go- The Apple Store, Bath & Body Works, Lowe’s, etc. The reason was the holidays were fast approaching, and since I had anticipated Zoë accompanying me to Miami for Thanksgiving (Miami is one of Zoë’s preferred destinations by the way to work on her tan), I wanted her to get used to being in the carrier and also being around large groups of people. This was all in preparation for the airport scene. One of those practice opportunities was at the weekly wine tasting events I would attend here in Lawrenceville. I would place her in the travel carrier, bring her along to the wine shop, and have her learn to be in there quietly, and as a nice reward, she would get imported salami and cheese made available at the tastings. Well soon thereafter, it’s as if she would look forward to going to wine tasting events! People there who noticed the dog carrier would ask to see her, and so she got lots of attention which she loves of course. In fact, if I ever showed up to an event without her, people would ask, “Where’s Zoë?” And as mentioned earlier, she quickly learned that wine shops also come with tasty snacks!


Nowadays, not only does Zoë visit wine boutiques, she enjoys traveling abroad, mainly to Europe. She embraces the European culture that welcomes doggies in cafés, restaurants, boutiques, and beautiful gardens adorned with Italianesque fountains and sculptures. She loves sniffing the earth in underground wine cellars of Burgundy, welcomes adventures of bike riding in the Loire Valley, and most of all, she adores meeting other canine friends while strolling along the boulevards of Las Olas in South Florida, Coral Gables, Milan, Paris and other magnificent cities!


Zoë’s favorite links!

For Pets Only- http://www.forpetsonly.it/

Un Chien en Ville- http://www.unchienenville.com/

Pooches N Paws- http://poochnpaws.com/

Dog in the City- http://www.doginthecity.fr/en/index.html

Doggone Gorgeous- http://doggonegorgeous.com.au/

DogBar- http://dogbar.com/

Trader Joes (yummy all natural doggie biscuits!)- http://www.traderjoes.com/index.asp


  1. Corey M.
    Oct 29, 2012 @ 04:03:33



  2. Marcia
    Dec 05, 2012 @ 07:35:41

    Zoe has really become a perfect pet. And it doesn’t hurt that she’s so adorable!!!


  3. Stephanie
    Jul 21, 2013 @ 23:46:14

    It was a pleasure to have met you and Zöe today! She is such a little gem and I trust that in time, she will be holding her own glass of vin blanc sipping it with her legs crossed and discussing the floral notes and tones it has on her palate!


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